Code of Conduct

Section 1 General
Article 1 (General)

To contribute towards continued development of engineering, computing and engineering technology educational programs, we, the Commissioned Agents of ABEEK—the officers, staff and evaluation team members of ABEEK—pledge to uphold the following principles and practices as we engage in accreditation activities.

Section 2 Principles and Practices
Article 2 (Public Good)

We solemnly accept our responsibilities to uphold public safety, health and welfare as we engage in accreditation evaluation and accreditation decision.

Article 3 (Area of Competence)

We pledge to best utilize our field expertise during our commissioned period.

Article 4 (Prudence)

We pledge to exercise utmost prudence in our words and actions as we discharge our responsibilities as Commissioned Agents of ABEEK.

Article 5 (Conflict of Interest)

No faculty, professor emeriti, auditor, or graduate of the institution being evaluated for accreditation shall serve as Program Evaluator of the program in engineering belonging to that institution. Should these and other conflicts of interest arise while we are discharging our duties as Commissioned Agents, we pledge to immediately notify ABEEK and refrain from further activity.

Article 6 (Non-disclosure/Material Protection)

To the extent our non-disclosure does not violate existing law or compromise public good, we pledge not to disclose any material or information pertaining to accreditation evaluation to entities or persons other than relevant entities or officers of the institution/program. All materials submitted for accreditation evaluation should not be read, lent, copied or distributed (in any form, electronic and otherwise) to other parties without explicit written consent of the institution/program concerned. The confidential documents include, but are not limited to, the Self-Study Report, evaluation reports, review statements and any other documents designated confidential by ABEEK.

Article 7 (Personal Ethics)

We pledge to discharge our responsibilities ethically and lawfully so as to contribute toward the good name of ABEEK.

Article 8 (Non-discrimination)

We shall not practice discrimination on account of person’s race, religion, sex, handicap, age or nationality.

Article 9 (Mutual Support)

We pledge to do our utmost in encouraging and supporting our colleagues’ professional growths while observing “ABEEK Code of Conduct”.